Rabbi Michaels Checks Mezuzos In The Kaf-K Offices


Rabbi Michaels meeting with Rabbi Senter, the head of the Kaf-K kashrus organization. I was privileged to check Rabbi Senter’s tefillin and mezuzos, from both his home and his office. Being in the offices of the Kaf-K is an interesting experience. There is a great deal of activity,  much of it kashrus related, but with a nice mix of Torah learning, dovening, and Tehillim groups. I met Rabbi Senter’s son, Rabbi Daniel Senter who is a mohel and a shocet (as well as a bee keeper as written about in Mishpacha magazine. Although he is not a sofer he asked me many rapid fire, detailed questions about his hilchos safrus. He hopes to learn hilchos safrus. and spend some time in my office experiencing safrus in a practical way.

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