1. In this case wouldn’t you ask another child? Nun-sofit should extend far enough that it is as if a regular nun had been straightened. This zayin, to me, simply isn’t close enough to even ask a child. The excess below the other letters couldn’t be wrapped to make a normal nun.

    1. Let’s pretend that you need the word “min” with a nun sofit. Are you so sure that it is not a nun sofit that you would tell someone that their sefer torah, tefillin or mezuzos are posel? I’m not so sure. If I needed a nun sofit, and I saw this letter, I would only say it was posel if a child read it as a zayin. Unless a child gives a true off the wall answer, we don’t ask a second child. Also, we try to determine if the child says off the wall things before we ask him the real question. We test him and see if he has a good understanding of the letters. If he does understand the letters, and he makes something posel, we conclude that we are the ones misjudging. If I had a letter like this made of clay, I could easily bend it into a respectable looking regular nun.

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