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Tefillin Accessories


Tefillin Accessories

Plastic Tefillin Boxes $15.00 Come in pairs, one for the shel yad, one for the shel rosh. Must specify if they are for right handed tefillin or left handed. Come in sizes 30mm, 31mm, 32mm, 33mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, and 37mm. Keep in mind that you may need one size for the shel yad and a different size for the shel rosh. When in doubt, a size to big is generally better than a size too small.


Tefillin Shel Yad cover.The name of this cover is a Yadella. This small plastic cover is a necessity in order to protect your tefillin shel yad while you wear it. Your tefillin shel yad rubs against your shirt, jacket, sweater, or tallis and the corners will slowly become round without keeping it covered. This piece comes in sizes from 30mm to 37mm. You must know the size of your shel yad before ordering. If your yadella does not fit snugly, place a small piece of felt with double sided tape on the inside of one of the walls. $2.00

Yadella: Shel Yad Cover
Yadella: Shel Yad Cover

Tefillin Marker: The is a great way to do minor touch-up work on your tefillin battim or your retzuous. You will even see professional Battim Macher’s (battim repair experts) using them. $6.00

Tefillin Marker
Tefillin Marker

Plastic Tefillin Bag cover is a simple plastic cover with a zipper to protect your tefillin bag.   Med. $5.50, L. $6.00, Extra Large $7.00, Double (for Rashi and Rabinu Tam) $9.00. These are available for tallis bags as well.

Plastic Tefillin Bag
Plastic Tefillin Bag

Tefillin Rain Tote: This is an excellent way to protect your tefillin from the rain and snow. It has extra pockets so you can carry your siddur, a mirror, etc. This is also good for people who ride their bikes to shul since it has a convenient handle. It is a little bit bulkier than the Plastic Tefillin Bag in the above picture, but it is also heavier duty. $13.00

Tefillin Rain Tote Clear


A Pictorial Guide to Tefillin and Mezuzos by Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky. $26


This is an excellent reference for anybody interested in tefillin and mezuzos. Even a certified sofer will find himself looking inside this well written sefer from time to time. The book is divided into three sections. The first section is The Consumer Guide. It has chapters on Basic Guidelines of tefillin, Battim, Retzuous, Parshios and Mezuzos, Purchasing From The Retailer, Shailos, Less expensive Tefillin and Mezuzos, Lechatchilah and Mehudar Tefillin and Mezuzos, Hides, The construction of the Battim, The outer Appearance of the Battim, The Size and Shape of Battim, Insertion of the Parashiyos in the Battim, Sewing of the Battim, Preparation of Klaf for Writing, Handwriting, Tagin, Margins and Other Halachos of Writing.

Part Two is Basic Halachos of STAM. Its chapters are: The Requirement of Mezuzah, Practical Halachos of Mezuzah, Moving with Mezuzos, Transferring, Upgrading and Re Affixing Mezuzos, Proper Placement of Tefillin, Laws Pertaining to Retzuous, Tefillin and Mezuzah Checking.

Part Three is In Practice. Its chapters are The Practicalities of Purchasing Stam, Having Stam Checked, Caring for Your Tefillin, Mezuzah Tips, Sefer Torah Maintenance Tips.

Appendix 1 Insight into Tefillin

Appendix 2 Insight into Mezuzah

Appendix 3 The Sacred Letters

Appendix 4 Charts

Appendix 5 Adjusting the Head Tefillin Knots



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