Either Two Possel Or Two Missing

One of my customers was told by a ‘Yid’ (his intent was somebody who sees more than the rest of us) that he either has two possel mezuzos or two missing mezuzos. Being that he has mostly new, high quality mezuzos that I recently checked, it seemed unlikely that there would be a possel mezuzah, and being that I went through his house it seemed unlikely that he was missing mezuzos. He wanted  me to check if he was missing any mezuzos, and if he wasn’t, he was prepared  to have me check all his mezuzos again. He was going through a personal issue and didn’t want to leave any stone upturned  There were two places that seemed obvious that they needed mezuzos, but when I checked his mezuzos, he told me that he had at least two rabbonim walk through his house with him. Both of them told him that these two spots did not need. My policy is that if your rabbi told you where to put up mezuzos, I don’t mix in unless you ask me my opinion, so even though I also noticed that those spots were missing mezuzos, I didn’t say anything.  I told him that I would bring pictures of these spots to my rov, Reb Wosner and see what he says. I also showed him a third picture, which I doubted he would say needed a mezuzah. As I thought, he told me the first two spots need, and the third spot didn’t need. Needless to say, he put off checking all the mezuzos in his home, since apparently, we found the problem.