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For many years I have considered creating my own mezuzah cases. I have always wanted to move away from the mass produced, made in China look. I noticed that while there are many mezuzah cases produced by excellent artists, very few of them allow the customer to enjoy the natural beauty of wood. After meeting Binyomin Weber, a master craftsman, we made this prototype.  My goal is to show off the natural grain of exotic hardwoods. Our starting point was a piece of high quality Laurel Burl. We combined this with Binyomin’s refined sense of style and made a few samples. The case pictured above takes advantage of the natural imperfections of the wood to actually display part of the klaf. Unfortunately it isn’t practical to show the klaf this way in every case we make, but when the shape of the wood allows, we will try to create unique pieces like this one. Our first line of cases will look similar to what you see above, but without the cutout. Although we are not fully ready to market these cases, if you are interested, contact us and we will see if we can help you. Retailers may also contact us. I can be reached at 845-290-2546.

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