Father & Son Retzuah Painting Competition Leave a comment

My son Yehuda Zev Michaels thought he could paint retzuous faster and better (no brush marks, even, etc.) than his Abba (me) so I sugested a friendly comptetion. Even though I was willing to show him all my tricks before he started, feeling himself to be a true expert retzuah painter, he declined. Pictured  here is Abba on the left and Yehuda on the right, painting away. I’ll leave it to your imagination who won. Don’t worry, Yehuda, who is not yet Bar Mitzvah was only painting an old retzuah no longer in use.

If you are’n ready for a new set of retzuos and your old ones need to be refreshed and blackened, give me call. I can put a nice fresh coat of paint on them. You’ll notice the improvment as soon as you see them. If you want your retzuous painted call me a (or Yehuda) at 845-290-2546.



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