This section will include many pictures of doorways. I will do my best to comment on them as time allows. If you see something that is similar to the doorway that you are interested in email me or call me and I will let you know what the halacha is according to Rav Wosner. If the Rov that I spoke to is not Rav Wosner I will not that in the comments on each picture. Otherwise these examples were either shown to Reb Wosner or I am already familiar his psak on this issue.

This basement hallway needs a mezuzah. The question is on which side the mezuzah will go. If they park their car in the garage and walk in through this hallway to go upstairs into the main part of the house, than the mezuzah would be on the correct side as you see in the picture. But If you don’t park in the garage, this is incorrect as this would indicate that up the steps is considered deeper into the house.
Unfinished rooms don’t need a mezuzah. This is so even if you store a few items in them.
Appears to be a doorway without a door in the middle of a staircase.


Facing up a staircase. This is not a doorway.
This is facing up a flight of steps. It is not a doorway.
mezuzah for small doorway
Small doorway under staircase.
do unfinished attic rooms need mezuzos?
Unfinished rooms such as this attic room do not need mezuzos.


This series of pictures shows the front of a house from three different angles. Does only the front need? Or perhaps the front and the right side needs, since the right side goes to a little path. Or maybe they are all doorways, even the left side, even though it doesn’t lead anywhere. Reb Wosner told me that only a doorway that “goes somewhere” requires a mezuzah, so only the front and right archways need a mezuzah.


Does the mezuzah go on the piller or on the bricks?
Does the mezuzah go on the piller or on the bricks?

IMG_1039See “Does An Archway Made For Beauty Need A Mezuzah?

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