Hand Crafted Mezuzah Cases

An entirely new concept in hand crafted mezuzah cases is now being offered exclusively by MezuzaDepot. For many years I sought an alternative to mass produced, foreign made mezuzah cases. I wanted something made from real hardwood with beautiful grain. My aim was to create a case that would be inspiring not only because it had a beautiful, hand written klaf inside, but also because of the natural grain of the wood. Since hardwood is one of the most world\’s most beautiful materials, it is only fitting that it should be used to house a mezuzah klaf, one of the world\’s most important statements. These cases are made from from Red Oak and Laurel Burl. Each mezuzah case has its own unique markings and features. They are hand crafted by Ben Weber, a local Monsey, NY woodworker. If you see a style you like but you are looking for a different type of wood, or a different finish, please contact us as we are taking special orders.


Pictured above is a case for a 12 cm klaf made from  Red Oak. This case is finished with four coats of marine grade of Spar Urethane and is suitable for exterior use (when being used out of doors a bead of caulking must be placed on the inside of the case in order to make a tight seal with the door frame).

002 Laurel Burl with turquoise detail $75
002 $70 Laurel Burl with turquoise detail
004 Laurel Burl with turquoise detail $70
laurel Burl with turquoise detail for 12cm klaf $70

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