If this is the letter ‘Vov’ how can that be the letter ‘Raish’? Leave a comment


Here is a picture of a mezuzah that I was checking on a Mezuzah House Call in Monsey, NY on 4/28/10. Take a look at the last letter on the top line. While it is supposed to be a ‘vov’, the top is to long and it is taking on a characteristic of a ‘raish’. Now look at the second to last word on the bottom line. The last letter is supposed to be a ‘raish’ but the gog (roof) is so short that it looks like a ‘vov’. What is interesting here is that within the same mezuzah we have two letters that are contradicting each other. If the ‘vov’ is a ‘vov’, than the ‘raish’ can’t possibly be a ‘raish’. It is as if the top line of this mezuzah is testifing against the bottom line! The ‘vov on the top line appears to be at least as long as the ‘raish on the bottom line. In fact, depending on where you begin measuring from, the ‘vov’ on the top line is actually longer than the ‘raish’. Here’s something to think about: Which is worse? The ‘vov’ or the ‘raish’? I would venture to say that the ‘vov’ on top is worse. I have brought mezuzos with ‘raishes’ with short gagim (tops) to rabonim an they were machshir (approved) them.

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