Ksav Beis Yosef, Sheimos According to Minhag Ari


Notice how the inside leg of the letter ‘Hey’ in Hashem’s name  is different than the other ‘Hey’s’. This is called p’seia l’bar, step to the outside, and is a custom brought down in kabalah. The custom is to construct the letters in a certain order. Only rarely is it seen in ksav beis yosef. Menachem Dovidovitz brings this down and says that it is proper to do in ksav Beis Yosef but with some slight changes from what you see here. He says that after following the order of p’seia l’bar, that the sofer can add dio, ink, and make it look like regular Beis Yosef ksav. You can see in the picture below the instructions for how do this from the sefer Likut Sefrei Stam.