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Megillah written on deerskin.

My good friend Mr. Lenny Goodman brought me this beautiful, rare megillah written on deerskin. In halachah, this type of parchment is called g’vill. G’vill is a leather parchment which is treated far less than regular klaf during the production process. It used to be popular in sefrei torah, although the old sefrei torah that I have seen are thinner. This, on the other hand, is much thicker, almost what leather moccasins would be made out of. Of course this makes it a very heavy material and it would not be practical to make a sefer torah out of it. Just the parchment alone for this megillah would cost about $800.00. Add in the writing and we are talking about an expensive megillah. Don’t expect to pay less than $2500 hundred for something like this. G’vill is very difficult to write on. Very few soferim would be able to handle writing a whole megillah on g’vill, myself included. I can tell you that I can just barely write one letter. When Mr. Goodman brought me the megillah, it did have one mistake, so I did in fact write one letter, and if I may say so myself, it came out pretty good. The soferim that work with g’vill are mostly Taamonim (of Yemini descent). The way they make the pen and the techniques that use to write with are completely different than the popular methods of writing.

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