Megillos For Sale

Please enjoy choosing your new megillah from our extensive collection. It can be viewed by clicking on the link below. They range in price from $800 to over $3000. Megillos come in the following sizes: 7 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches and 20 inches. The columns can have 11 lines, 21 lines, 28 lines or 42 lines. The lettering can be Bais Yosef (used by the Litvish community) , Ari (used by chasidim ir yhose of chasidish descent), or Vellish (used by the Sfaradi community).

Click here to view our collection of Megillos for sale.

You may come to my Monsey office and view any of these megillos. Sometimes I will need a day or two of advance notice so please contact me a few days before your planned visit. I recommend taking some time to look at the pictures and calling me by phone (845-290-2546) with any questions. It can be confusing to see so many megillos. Please don’t feel overwhelmed! After a short conversation by phone I will be able to suggest a few megillos that will be in your price range and written in style and size that you are most interested in.  I will try to guide you based on the information you provide. If you are not close enough to stop by, it is possible for you to pick out a megillah by having a phone conversation and looking at pictures online.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help narrow down the choices to a ‘short list’:

1. Is it important to you to follow a certain minhag (custom) as to which ksav you use? If you are only interested in one kind of ksav (writing style), you should only look at megillos written in that style.

2. Do you have prefer larger or smaller sized megillos? If you want something large and impressive looking, consider a 14 inch megillah. If having a manageable size is a priority, you will want to focus on 12 in megillos. If you are interested in following the custom of the Vilna Gaon, you would want an 11 line megillah. Both 12 inch and 14 inch megillos come in either 21 or 28 lines to a column. 11 line megillos are usually 7 inches but sometimes are larger ot smaller. Keep in mind that there is much more rolling of the klaf with an 11 line megillah than with the other configurations. It can be a little harder to follow along and a bit more tedious to be rolling to the next column very frequently. Another thing to keep in mind is that a megillah case is often significantly taller than the megillah, so expect to add on a good six inches to the height of the megillah with some of the cases.

3: Are you buying this megillah as a gift? If so,  is the recipient someone with a refined understanding of safrus or will he be satisfied with a simple megillah? For example, if you are purchasing the megillah for someone who appreciates good writing, you should focus on the middle price range and up. I’m not going to give you specific examples because prices change from year to year and sometimes from season to season.

4. Will you be laining the megillah in public? If so, you will probably want something on the larger size and with more lines per column. Many people who lain prefer 28 and even 42 line megillos.

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