Mezuzah House Calls: Rockland, Bergen, and Westchester

My specialty is the Mezuzah House Call.

  1. I will carefully remove all of your mezuzos, three or four at a time.
  2. I will check (in your home) and repair your mezuzos, as well as alert you to problems.
  3. I can do on site computer scanning upon request.
  4. Mezuzos are attached with screws which are neater and more secure than nails.
  5. Outdoor mezuzos will be waterproofed.
  6. Bedroom meuzos are wrapped according to halachah.
  7. I check that mezuzos are in all required places.
  8. Problematic doorways will be photographed and brought to a Rav.
  9. Each mezuzah will be down for a short time only.
  10. I carry a full selection of tefillin, mezuzos, and cases in various price ranges.
  11. Rabbinical references are available.
  12. I check fix ad sell new tefillin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a Mezuzah House Call?

A: A Mezuzah House Call is an on site mezuzah inspection at your home or place of work.

Q: How long will my mezuzos be down?

A: Most mezuzos are down for only a few minutes at a time. This is the ideal way to check mezuzos.

Q: What do you check for that the computer can’t do?

A: I check for broken, touching, and incorrectly written letters, smudges, water and sun damage, missing taggim, and more.

Q: Why do I need a Mezuzah House Call?

A: A House Call is appropriate for someone who may not have the time to take their mezuzos down, and schlep them to the sofer. In addition a house call ensures that your mezuzos are affixed to all of the doorposts that need mezuzos in secure, weatherproof casing. In 75% of the homes I correct at least one mistake relating to how the mezuzos were put up. Remember, even if a mezuzah is kosher, you only fulfill the mitzvah if it is put up correctly. If you’ve been putting off a mezuzah inspection, you should schedule an appointment.

Q: How often do mezuzos need to be checked?

A: Every three and one half years (Shulchan Aruch Yore Deah 291)

Q: Does a Mezuzah House Call cost more than bring the mezuzos to the sofer?

A: Yes, but since my prices are competitive most of my customers consider the extra charge to be well worth it. When you consider the time you will be saving and you see the quality of my work I think you will agree.

Q: Can you provide me with references? Yes, from customers and rabbis who are familiar with my work.

Q: Can you check my tefillin at the same time that you do the Mezuzah House Call:

A: Yes, afer I finish checking the mezuzos I will take your tefillin to my office and check them there.

Q: Do you sell new tefillin and mezuzos?

A: Yes. I have a large selection of new tefillin parshios, battim, retzuous, mezuzos, and cases. I also sell megillos and sifrei torah.

Q: What are your credentials?

A: I have S’micha from the Vaad Mishmeres STaM and have worked for many years as a sofer.

Q: Can I bring my mezuzos to you if I am not interested in a house call?

A: Yes