Mezuzos Packaged in a Plastic Bag With Blue Hebrew Writing are not Kosher! Leave a comment

The mezuza that you see in the picture below was sealed in the plastic bag just as it appears. The mezuzah itself is a poor attempt at scribble. It has literally dozens of posul letters. It is not possible that even a semi-knowledgeable sefer could mistakenly think that it is acceptable even on a b’dieved (after the fact) level. Yet, the blue stamp on the bag says, “Checked by the Vaad for the kushrus (kosher certification) of STaM (sefer torah, tefillin, and mezuza). I myself have seen hundreds of mezuzos in these bags, many of them as poor as this. There must be hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of these mezuzos out there preventing people from performing the mitzvah. This is pure genaiva (theft)! No, its worse than theft because it is causing other people to not fulfill the mitzvah of mezuza. Its like putting up a kosher certificate in a Red Lobster restaurant. As a rule, very small mezuzos are very often not kosher. If you have the real small ones you really need to check into this. By ‘small’ I mean anything less than three inches. This doesn’t mean that there  aren’t some good very small mezuzos out there, just that you really need to check it out. It also doesn’t mean that all mezuzos that are bigger than three inches are kosher. I would say that this particular style (blue stamp on bag with menorah symbol) are all less than three inches.


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