My New Favorite Tefillin Accessory: Kisuyad

For $10 you will never again lose the cover for shel yad!

I have to admit that originally I was skeptical about this little rubber shel yad cover, but it has won me over. Before I go into  why I like this new design I will explain the purpose of a cover on the shel yad. It keeps the corners from becoming round due to rubbing on the jacket, tallis, or shirt of the wearer. When corners become round it creates a halachic problem (if you have battim with round corners, contact me about repairing them). This shel yad cover stays put once you put it on and one size fits most sizes of tefillin. It’s easy to put on and you won’t be bothered putting little pieces of felt in your yadela (the more commonly used plastic cover for the shel yad). This small rubber cover also solves a halachic problem according to those who hold that the plastic yadela needs to be taken off (according to some rabbinic authorities) each morning before making the bracha. Others agree that it should not be taken off every day when the bracha is made because the bayis will be damaged by this repetitive rubbing action day after day. I spoke with my rabbi and he felt that it would be a good thing if the bayis would be mostly uncovered with only the top being protected and that this would eliminate the need to remove the plastic cover all together.

I will now give you the information that the company provides on the packaging:
1. This product has been certified by the Badatz of Jerusalem (בד”ץ ירושלים של העדה החרדית, specifically from the ועד הפיקח ההלכתי, the committee for halachic research.
2.The majority of the bayis is visible.
3. It allows the yud knot to stand upright.
4.It fits battim size 32mm – 36mm.
5. It doesn’t fall off.
6. There is a small haskama (endorsement) from Harav Hageon Reb Asher Weiss which states, “There is a big hiddur mitzvah (superior way of doing a mitzvah) in the fact that only the top portion of the bayis by the corners is covered and this solves a halachic problem. Here is the exact text: שאינו מכסה את רוב רובו של הקציצה אלא את הזויות העליונות בלבד… ויש בזה הידור מצוה ותקנה ראויה.
7. Another haakama from Harav Hageon Reb Yitzchok Yosef reads, “I have seen the kisuyad which allows the majority of the bayis to be uncovered and it is a much better cover than what is presently found. ראיתי את הכיסויד שרוב התפילין מגולה, ואכן הוא עדיף הרבה יותרממה שמצוי כיום.

The Competition

I received a new set of battim the other day and it came with this new clear plastic cover which is very similar to the Kisuyad but not the same. The main problem is that it is not flexible so if it doesn’t fit your tefillin exactly it is not going to work at all.


I highly recommend the Kisuyad and I believe that it will make  difference in both your performance of the mitzvah of tefillin and in keeping your tefillin in excellent condition.