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In addition to my regular activities as a sofer, I also teach safrus. Most of my teaching is done on a one on one basis, or in very small groups. The cours is divided into three main parts: writing, erasing, and pen making. I feel that each of these three parts must be mastered in order to have success in writing. My goal is to give each student the skills necessary to write the ultimate prize: tefillin. Nothing demands as much skill as writing tefillin because of the small size and many halachos that must be adhered to. I teach my students to overcome problems with pen making, klaf, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, I try to show my talmidim as many shailos as I can in order to give them real shimosh (practical understand of the laws) in halacha. As well, I give shiurim in hilchos stam, and encourage my students to take tests from the Vaad Mishmereth STaM. I advise them on what they need to learn, and prep them as to what kinds of questions will be asked of them. Of course, I am here to answer their questions as well.  A successful session in my office will include learning the actual  writing, looking at various shailos that came up during the week, and speaking in halacha. Please contact me if you are interested in further information. 845-290-2546
Robert Hirsch (left) with me working on kolmosim. Robert is an accountant who is learning safrus as a hobby. He resides in Fair Lawn, NJ
Avraham Birnbaum, from Monsey, NY is learning safrus as a hobby.
Elchanon Zuckman, President and CEO of Z Electrical Contracting Inc., one of my first talmidim, and a great friend. If you need a great electrician you can find him by looking on the right sidebar under "Get it done right by the pros I trust".
Moshe Amar started out with me, and is now a well known S'faradi sofer. He is from Spain, and resides in Har Nof, Israel with his wife and children.
Reb Yosef Hammer from Monsey, a very focused talmid of the Safrus Program
Rabbi Daniel Melamed, one of my very first talmidim. He now resides in Yerusalem with his wife and children. He learns in kollel and works as a sofer. I sell tefillin and mezuzos that he writes. Contact me for more info.
Rabbi Melamed consulting with one of the Dyanim of the Badatz. They are discussing the halachos of tefillin battim.
Rabbi Gedaliah Levitin resides in Lakewood, NJ. He is working on his first megillah, and is learning how to check tefillin and mezuzos. Rabbi Levitin was zoche to finish shas this past year! Tzkeh l'mitzvos!

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