Owning your own Megillas Esther written on klaf is a beautiful way to enhance your Purim. Megillos come in various sizes with 12 inch and 15 inch scrolls being the most popular. Some megillos can even be as small as 3 inches tall. They come in 11 line, 21 line, 28 line, and 42 line formats. Megillos are written in k’sav Bais Yosef, Ari, or Sfaradi (Velesh). Prices start at $900 and go up to $7,500. Inexpensive megillos have simple writing and are not gift quality. They are appropriate for someone who needs a megillah but has a limited budget. Typically, the megillah selection begins to grow around Chanukah and continues until after Purim. Complete your purchase with a Prestige Leather Megillah case or a Malchus Megillah Case.

Please note: As Purim approaches, the stock of megillos increases, and the megillah that meets your needs may not be listed below. Please reach out to me with any inquiries.

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