100% Kosher, Used Sefer Torah for Sale

Need a Sefer Torah for a yeshiva, camp, new synagogue or nursing home and wish you could find something long-lasting that’s less expensive than a brand new one?

This used Sefer Torah is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The Torah scroll is 100% kosher, so no cracked or faded letters, no misspellings and no panels in the wrong order. The writing is crisp and dark, making it easy to read. Minimal stains and wrinkles mean the kashrus isn’t affected. The rollers are brand new and, along with the klaf, have many decades of use in them. Importantly, the high quality means you won’t find yourself bringing it back to a Sofer for regular repairs either.

Don’t pay $30,000-100,000 for a new Sefer Torah — buy this secondhand one for just $14,500 instead.

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