Battim – Schecter

What does a Schecter set of tefillin battim have over a Starek set? I posed this question to my battim macher, Reb Yaakov Yosef Schwartz. He’s the person who puts all of my tefillin parshios into the battim, sews them up, paints them and seals them. Basically he works on tefillin battim all day. “Are their any important hiddurim that a Schecter bayis has that a Starek bayis doesn’t have,” I asked. “No, nothing especially important” he told me, “but their are a lot of small details in halacha that they incorporate into their battim. These details may not be so important in and of themselves, but if they are careful about the small things, it gives me the confidence that none of the really important things are overlooked.” While that may not be a convincing enough argument to spend $400 more for them than the Starek battim, Reb Yaakov Yosef had more to say on the matter. “The workmanship is exceptionally good. They work really hard to produce an extremely strong, beautiful set of battim. When you work with battim all day, there are aspects  that can’t be put into words, marks of quality that may be intangible, but are still very real. That’s  Schecter battim.”

Schecter battim are made to exacting standards in a small workshop. Includes shel yad and shel rosh and protective plastic boxes.



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