Deluxe White Talis HaMefoar ™ (Bais Yosef Sfaradi)

Material 100% Turkish Wool
Model/Style TWET
Lining Included
Sideband Included

$0.00 $129.00

#55 (51" x 72") (+$138.00)
#60 (55" x 72") (+ $ 12.00) (+$150.00)
#70 (60" x 72") (+ $ 30.00) (+$168.00)
#63 (63" x 72") (+ $ 50.00) (+$188.00)
#80 (67" x 72") (+ $ 50.00) (+$188.00)
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This Deluxe White Tallis HaMefoar has the same luxurious feel of the Deluxe Black Stripe Tallis Hamefoar. Instead of black stripes this tallis features a beautiful white on white stripe pattern which is perfect for those who follow Sfaradi customs. Its unique weave pattern creates a slightly rough surface which helps keep the tallis from slipping off while being worn. The corner reinforcements are made of the same wool as the main body of the tallis and are perfectly integrated into it. The fringes of the tallis are decorated with beautiful double knots which add a touch of elegance. A white cotton lining is sewn into the inside upper part of the tallis to protect the wool from sweat and oil. Side bands on both sides of the atara add strength to the tallis and increase its life span. You can customize this tallis with your choice of tzitzit strings.


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