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Steinberg Tefillin Parshios Bais Yosef

What I like about Steinberg parshios is that for their price they are a good buy. The writing looks like it could be worth more. It’s very consistent and clear. It’s smooth as well, with no letters written in any kind of funny way. The taggim are nice lines with circles on them, and I’m betting that the sofer who wrote the parshios did not give them to a second person to put the taggim on. They are way too nice for that. When someone is paid to put taggim on, he typically doesn’t do the greatest job, but when they are part of the creation of a naturally written letter, they flow much nicer and look more organically part of the letter itself. I also like that the thin lines are not so thin that they are heard to see. If you would like to compare them with a similarly priced parshios, take a look at Tzorkov’s parshios.


Mehudaros $475 (+$475.00)
Maalin Bakodesh $550 (+$550.00)
Starek $750 (+$750.00)
Schecter $1150 (+$1,150.00)
Single Side Black $90 (+$90.00)
Double Sided Black $104 (+$104.00)
Single Side Black $140 (+$140.00)
Double Sided Black $150 (+$150.00)
Extra narrow $150 (+$150.00)
Extra narrow Double Sided Black $160 (+$160.00)
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