TWH Ultra Lightweight Talis HaMefoar NON SLIP

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The Malchut Ultra Lightweight Talis HaMefoar is a prestigious prayer shawl, every detail of which is a work of art lovingly created by our talented team, combining their incredible skills to create the perfect Tallit. The Tallis Hamefoar; with its outstanding beauty and quality, immediately dominated the market of prayer shawls from the very first day of manufacture.
Delicate, pure wool yarns are woven in a delicate and complex textile composition in a unique finishing process bestowing a singularly soft and pleasant sensation, while maintaining the quality and durability of this elegant fabric.
This impressive Talis is available in a black stripe pattern (Ashkenazic), which integrates pure wool in the corners. The adornment and corners are woven from pure wool, while the fringes are entwined in an elegant double knot.
A cotton lining under the headrest is included for maximum comfort and sweat absorbance as well as a side-band feature for ultimate protection.

Material 100% Fine Wool
Model/Style TWH
Lining 100% Cotton Includ

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