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Tzorkov 10 cm Ari Mezuzah Klaf


Plain Plastic $2 (+$2.00)
Waterproof Case $6 (+$6.00)
Lucite Case $4 (+$4.00)
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In many pictures of mezuzos you will see light spots. They are due to flashes from the camera and the shine in the ink: they do not reflect any areas in which the writing is light colored, or faded.Written by soferim who are certified by the Vaad Mishmeres Stam or other similar kashrus organization that specializes in STaM. Computer scanned for accuracy.   Under the direct hashgacha (supervision) of Rabbi Melech Michaels, Certified Sofer STaM (Sefer Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzos). Thoroughly checked letter by letter before they are sold. Mezuzah Klafim and tefillin parshios are hand written. There will be small variations from one klaf to another. This also means that not every mezuzah klaf or set of tefillin parshios is always immediately available. Sometimes orders of tefillin and mezuzos can even take up to a few months depending on supply and demand. I do my best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible and most of the time can accommodate last minute orders but circumstances beyond our control will still occur from time to time in which case I will recommend alternative mezuzah klafim or tefillin parshios on a similar level of hiddur and in a similar price range. Please plan your purchases of tefillin and mezuzos enough in advance to account for possible delays. I recommend ordering mezuzos one month in advance (even if you are not sure exactly how many you will actually need) and ordering tefillin three to four months in advance.

Top to bottom 10 cm

Diameter approximately 1 cm

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