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Tzorkov Tefillin Parshios Bais Yosef

There is something unique about the Tzorkov parshios and style of writing. He has a good ability to write a relatively thick ksav and have it come out nice. It has this look that kind of reminds me of a snare drum ratatatating in perfect rhythm. Although his taggim are even and nicely done in their own way, it would be better if he made them with a small circle on top. Compare these with Steinberg parshios to see something in the same price range.

Please see the detailed description below for detailed information on how to select the various options. Tefillin parshios are written entirely by hand. There is no way to rush the process if they haven’t yet been written! I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. In the event that no parshios are available from the sofer you have chosen, I will contact you with other similar options. Sometimes tefillin orders may take up to a month to be put together. 



Mehudaros $475 (+$475.00)
Maalin Bakodesh $550 (+$550.00)
Starek $750 (+$750.00)
Schecter $1150 (+$1,150.00)
Single Side Black $90 (+$90.00)
Double Sided Black $104 (+$104.00)
Single Side Black $140 (+$140.00)
Double Sided Black $150 (+$150.00)
Extra narrow $150 (+$150.00)
Extra narrow Double Sided Black $160 (+$160.00)
As soon as possible
Within 1 month
By a certain date
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