Used Sefer Torah

This is one of the best used Sefer Torah that I have seen. It’s been computer scanned, and checked by a certified sofer stam from beginning to end. The eitz chaim sefer torah rollers are brand new from Hershkowitz Eitz Chaim Judaica. The writing is thick and dark. It is Ready To Be Shipped To Your Location Immediately!



When it comes to used sifrei torah the most important thing is that the writing must be strong and black and not flaking off of the klaf. This sefer torah meets these criteria. It has undergone a rigorous inspection and has are no broken letters. When you are looking for a used sefer torah you need to be sure of this and with most less expensive options the seller is going to have trouble looking you in the eye and saying, “I assure you that there are no broken or faded letters in the entire sefer”. Try and ask for such an assurance and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll notice that they won’t bring this up on their own. They will be more than happy to tell you how nice it is but you will see them get uncomfortable when you push them to assure you that it is 100% kosher and that there are no broken letters. They will be happy to give you a one year warranty, but trust me, that’s not sufficient. That just means that when you find a problem (if your eyes are good enough to spot one) that they’ll fix it for you. But you aren’t looking to buy something that comes with a solution to the problems that it has, you are looking to buy something that will be problem free for many years to come. It’s a tall order to find a sefer torah like this and likely you will have to sacrifice some of the items on your sefer torah wish list. This sefer torah has some wrinkles and stains in the klaf which I did my best to take pictures of so you could see exactly what you are buying. Wrinkles and stains don’t affect the kashrus of the sefer torah so I’m of the opinion that it’s better to know the flaws and have them be things that don’t affect the kashrus. I’m not trying to hide any flaws and I am taking full responsibility for it’s being a 100% kosher sofer torah right now!

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