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water damaged megillos

Be viligant when it comes to water. Many people bring me megillos that have come into contact with water. Store your megillos, and mezuzos in waterproof containers. If you keep your megillah in a silver case put it in a plastic bag before you place it in the case. Many people have told me stories about housekeepers that decided to polish the silver case, thinking they were doing their employer a favor only to find out that the employer was not as enthusiastic as they thought he would be. In fact, there is a megillah in my office awaiting repair for this very reason. The megillos pictured above were in a closed breakfront.  A pipe burst from the ceiling, dripped onto the breakfront, trickled inside and ruined the megillos. Are they still kosher? Probably. Although I will not be able to make them look new, I will be able to make them usable.

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