Q: What Do Tefillin & Aircraft Carriers Have In Common? A: Commander Ron Citro! Leave a comment

A new set of Tiferes Series Tefillin will be serving aboard a United States Naval Aircraft Carrier! I am  proud to play a role in bringing Hashem’s name into a place that does not have a Jewish community through my work with the mitzvah of tefillin. What an extraordinary commitment to the mitzvos it is to bring such a beautiful set of tefillin into an environment where not only is it unusual, but  it may even be uncomfortable to be a practicing Jew!  When Commander Citro came to my office we had already corresponded by phone and email extensively about various matters pertaining to to tefillin such as the kashrus of his old tefillin, the appropriate amount to spend on tefillin, what style of tefillin to wear, and the quality of the parshios, battim, and retzuous. After looking at various options in person, he chose the set of tefillin that happens to get my highest recommendation, taking into consideration price, quality of the battim, parshios, and retzuous. Commander Citro, may the great effort that you are making to fulfill the mitzvah of tefillin be z’chus for you and may Hashem answer all the requests of your heart. Amen!

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