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If you live in Teaneck, NJ (or Bergenfield, etc.) I would like to offer you my services as a sofer. If  you would like to have your mezuzot checked, please call me at 845-290-2546 to schedule a Mezuza House Call. I will come to your home and check your mezuzos. All of the work is done in your home. Please see my Mezuza House Call page on this site for more information on exactly how a Mezuzah House Call can benfit you. While I’m working on your mezuzos, you can give me your tefillin. I’ll need to check them in my Monsey, NY office since I will need the use of my workshop.

Why are Mezuza House Calls so popular in Teaneck, Bergenfield, and Englewood? Because my customers are busy professionals, and their time is valuable. When their tefillin and mezuzot require checking they want the convenience of a home inspection. They don’t have time to take down their mezuzos, schlep them to the sofer, pick them up, and put them back on the doorposts. I fill this need by scheduling an appointment, coming to the home and taking care of the whole process of mezuza checking from beginning to end. I pay particular attention to making sure the mezuzos are affixed to the doorposts properly, and in all the required places.


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