Tefillin & Mezuzah Scams 2


  1. Wow, even I could do a better job, and I’m not a sofer sta”m! I feel really bad for whoever bought the tefillin with this inside. But with that writing, I would reckon that the battim would be just as bad quality. Probably those “Bar Mitzvah Tefillin” being sold for as low as $144.

    People just don’t understand the importance of buying expensive tefillin. They’ll spend well over $1,000 on a new television, clothes, etc. but can’t fork it over for a good pair of tefillin!

    Reb Melech, I’m glad to see your posting on this blog again. Do you think you might be able to do a post sometime about eBay scams and bad eBay buys? I’ve always wondered about those “vintage” pairs of tefillin being sold on eBay…Maybe someone could sacrifice the cash for the Olam?

    1. I have written about ebay mezuzos before on this site, I’ll see if I can provide a link.
      When it comes to vintage tefillin there are a few distinctions. Most importantly is that they are being sold by people who don’t have any idea of what they are worth. They are not usually making claims as to the kashrus of what they are selling. A buyer should naturally understand that common sense is necessary. Of course it would be better if they would get them checked before they sold them, but the bottom line is that they are not a store. Once someone is in business, and this goes for every business in the world, that person accepts upon himself to be knowledgeable about his business so that he doesn’t cheat his customers. So if I can forgive someone who is cleaning out their attic and finds an old set of tefillin, I can’t so easily forgive the store keeper. Nonetheless I can still judge him favorably in that he was misled. When it comes to the suppliers however, I’m not sure how to even judge them favorably.

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