Peshutos Mehudaros Tefillin $400-$525

Peshutos Mehudaros Tefillin sets are the least expensive type of tefillin made.  For the most part I no longer sell peshutos mehudaros, because the construction method  used to make the battim is not fully accepted in halacha and because appropriate parshios cost more than what typical peshutos sets cost (they charge so little because the quality is so low if they are kosher at all). You can read the reasons why they are not fully accepted in my guide Not Sure How Much To Spend On Your Tefillin.m page. I am leaving the pictures below of peshutos sets that I used to sell so you can look at the pictures and get an idea for yourself what peshutos are all about. Keep in mind that if you continue reading keep in mind that the sets that I am describing below, which I no longer sell, are the best you are going to see when it comes to peshutos. The typical sets that I see advertised online are likely to be far worse. For more information on gassos tefillin sets visit the gassos tefillin sets page

Tefillin Parshios written by Reb Binet. Peshutos Mehudaros with these parshios are $425. T.
Tefillin Parshios Beis Yosef Rabbi Stern T. $525 for full set with these parshios.
Tefillin Parshios Beis Yosef Rabbi Stern T. $525 for full set with these parshios.


These sets includes peshutos battim, parshios and retzuous and a velvet bag. The peshutos battim are the highest quality battim of this type. They are stronger and constructed better than other peshutos battim, and they will last for many years with proper care. They are finished beautifully (although not as beautifully as the finely brushed look of gassos battim), with particular care to the way the shin is painted (also not to be compared to the shin on gassos battim. They come sewn together and sealed up. Sealing is a process usually found on gassos battim, but I seal even peshutim because I want them to look great, and keep their shape for years to come. The parshios are good quality, with absolutely no question whatsoever as to their kashrus. The retzuous (straps) are high quality elyonos, soft to the touch, and long lasting. This Set Is 100% Kosher, I garantee it personally!

Many customers contact me because they are looking for the cheapest set of tefillin possible. This is what I say to them. “I have a set for $280 (which is for demonstration purposes only, and not for sale) and another set for $425. The set for $280 is like the typical inexpensive sets you see on many Judaica websites. Their poor quality will glare at you!  The $425 set is less than $100 more, but it is far higher quality. Chances are nine out of ten that when you see the two sets next to each other, you will take the $425 set. I promise you, you’ll thank yourself that you took my advice.”

Typically, they take a look at the two sets next to each other, and without my having to say a word, they decide to purchase the nicer set. If they are giving them as a gift, or even if they are buying for themselves, they want  something nice, finely finished, and solid feeling.

Consider this: many of the sets you see on the web are far less than $280, and they are far more junky than the $280 set which I’m not even willing to sell! Often the paint is pealing off the battim before you even use them once. When it comes to the parshios (written parchments) the seller is hoping you never show the parshios to a certified sofer. Or maybe he just knows from experience that most buyers will never get their tefillin checked, so he knows he has nothing to worry about…

The difference between a set of peshutos mehudaros that I sell for $425 and a set that I sell for $525 is that the parshios are a higher quality. Sometimes it pays to get better parshios, for example you really want better tefillin but you are not quite able to pay $650 and up, but you want better parshios than what you get in the regular peshutos. If this describes you, I would recommend getting pehsutos mehudaros with an upgrade to better parshios. This would allow you to transfer the parshios to the better gassos battim and not have to replace the entire set. Although it is possible to put the parshios from the $425 set of tefillin into gassos battim, it is not typically done because most people who are interested in an upgraded set will want both upgraded battim and upgraded parshios.

Peshutos Mehudaros Battim with thick walls.
The walls that divide the compartments are much thicker than other peshutos mehudaros.
This sticker says that the shin on the tefillin shel rosh is made from the leather of the bayis, and that the upper part of the tefillin is attached to the lower part with leather flaps, a stronger way of making peshutos mehudaros battim.
This is a set of Peshutos Mehudaros before having been sewn together.
The Shin is crafted and painted nicely.
Here is the Shel Yad with the included plastic protection cover (The shel rosh does not need a cover).
The retzuous are finished with a high quality, non-cracking, long lasting paint on the outside and are soft to the touch on the inside.
The parshios have been writtin by a certified sofer, and checked by Rabbi Michaels. This would be an example of parshios that would be included in a $425 set of peshutos mehudaros tefillin.


Included plastic boxes will protect your new tefillin set.
Store you tefillin in the included velvet bag.

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