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Hi Rabbi. I receive the package. The tefillin are beautiful. The retzuot feel soft and I like that they are black on both sides so I don’t have to worry about flipping them all the time. I like the rubber cover of the shel yad. The shel rosh fits me an I don’t think I need to adjust it. It’s good to be wearing kosher mehudar tefillin! Shabbat shalom.

Dr. Ron E. California

I was shopping for Shabbos this morning and one of my customers came up to me and said to me, “Rabbi Michaels, when my son came home from your office he was literally dancing from excitement over owning a pair of tefillin for the first time. He was singing, ‘I’ve got tefillin, I’ve got tefillin…’ I never thought that he would feel so strongly about his tefillin.”

Mrs. Z. Monsey, NY

Excellent service. Honest. Very conscientious about charging only what is Halachically necessary for your particular needs. Will ask Rav Wosner all pertinent Halachic questions as needed. Very happy with prompt service. Makes going to a Sofer easy and educational. The best in SOFRUS.

Y. K. Springfield, NJ

The Bar Mitzvah for my son is rapidly approaching.  He has been working hard in preparation for the big day.  I recall how a few years earlier, a kind gentleman began visiting my aging father in a nursing home on a very regular basis.  It was an invaluable Chesed for someone facing the last days of his life.   I remember how my dad told me this visitor has a son in Monsey who is a sofer.

Researching to confirm Melech Michaels already had a good reputation, I made arrangements for a visit.  My son and I discovered the  wonderful world of a very special sofer!  Melech Michaels  patiently and clearly answered all the questions my son (and I) could think of.  We decided on our selection.  Rabbi Michaels then took a photo of a young fellow who was feeling like a million bucks.  The Bar Mitzvah draws near and my son looks forward in taking on the miztvah of Tefilin as a young man with maturity and a most positive attitude!

PS – I thought to have my own tefilin checked.  Rabbi Melech discovered that I needed major work done on my set.  He handled the matter with great respect and deference to a difficult decision   I now have renewed confidence in a foundation for me to fulfill the mitzvah of Tefillin as well!!!

L E  – Newtown, PA

“‘I ordered four sets of tefillin on a Friday afternoon and I needed them to be ready on Sunday night so they could be sent on a plane to Hong Kong where they were are needed. I also needed them to be very inexpensive but respectable looking. I realized that it was going to be quite challenging for Rabbi Michaels to put together four sets of tefillin in two days when one of those two days was Shabbos. I wasn’t necessarily expecting him to do it, but what can I say? He did it, and they were beautiful, they were on time, and they were within our budget! All I can say is, “If you need your tefillin now”, you should give him a call.

B. F., Monsey, NY

“Rabbi Michaels, I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. I was so happy with the exquisite mezuzas you showed me and which B”H are now protecting my children in their rooms.  I also very much appreciated the upgrade in my retzuos and the care you took to make sure they fit perfectly!

Thank you again.   Kol tov.

Yitzhok B.



The new tefillin arm strap is great and it has softened well over the past week
Thank you again for shipping it so quickly



1 day it was
Thank you very much,


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  1. Rabbi Michaels delighted me. No one could have done a better and more professional job restoring my Tefillin to as new condition. We met to evaluate and assess the necessary work. Rabbi Michaels provided Tefillin for me to use until the job was complete. The work was completed ahead of schedule. Rabbi Michaels was a pleasure to work with. I smile every day when taking out my Tefillin.

    David Rosenthal

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