Tilt the mezuzah towards the room you are going into. 2

Yesterday, while on a house call, I saw a mezuzah going out to the back yard. It was on the right side going out, which is correct according to some opinions (I always put on the right side going in–more on that in another post). The only problem was that the top of the mezuzah was tilted towards the inside of the house. That would be correct if you were following the shita that mezuzos go on the right side of door coming in from the back yard. In this case I don’t think it means the person wasn’t yotzie the mitzvah, but it is not the correct way to perform the mitzvah.


  1. Why do we tilt the mezuzah?
    If Sefer Torah stands one needs to stand. Only if it sits is one permited to sit. If it leans one can lean or even lie down. The Mezuzah is compared to the Sefer Torah.
    quiz question: From where do we learn out this drosha (explanation)?
    Hint: see sefer “Pischey Sheorim” from Rabbi Aryeh Shechter where he mentions the source.


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