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When Dr. Gavurin told my what led to his decision to purchase a new set of tefillin I knew that I wanted to share his words with you so that you would be inspired in the same way that I was. Here is his story in his own words:

I am celebrating my 65th birthday, Baruch Hashem! I never expected to live this long. To commemorate this milestone I decided I wanted to obtain a very special set of tefillin. In an effort to perform this mitzvah properly I began to learn the halachos of tefillin and research resources. Hashem, Yisberach, led me to Rabbi Michaels. With his very generous gifts of wisdom, patience and time Rabbi Michaels made it possible for me to fulfill this powerful mitzvah, providing me with my new set of tefillin. Baruch Hashem!

David Jacob Gavurin, Lawrence, N.Y.  14 Sivan, 5773

David purchased tefillin from the Malchus series, the finest tefillin that I offer. When he originally came to meet me and look at tefillin, he had in mind to take something home that day. I explained to him that each set of tefillin is custom made for the person who will be wearing them. High quality tefillin are just not something that can be made in advance and stocked on a shelf . Even though he was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to bring his new set home that day, in the end, waiting a few weeks for Rabbi Chaitovsky to finish writing the parshios and sending them to me from Israel, and waiting for me to check the parshios and put them into the battim made the experience of buying high quality tefillin even more meaningful.

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