What Rooms Require a Mezuzah? Leave a comment

The following room require a mezuzah with a berachah:

  1. Entrance into a house
  2. Bedroom
  3. kitchen
  4. dining room
  5. living room / den / family room
  6. playroom
  7. porch
  8. office / study
  9. attached garage. This includes the large sliding garage door.

The following require a mezuzah without a berachah:

  1. storage room
  2. walk-in closet (36 sq. ft. or more)
  3. doorway to staircase or hallway
  4. office used exclusively for business
  5. Bais Midrash
  6. a room that is in between 36 sq. ft. and 64 sq. ft.
  7. a room with out a door.
  8. a room with a door post on the right side even if there is no doorpost on the left side.
  9. detached garage

Rooms that do not require a mezuzah:

  1. bathroom
  2. sauna
  3. doors that are used for exit only, like emergency exits or fire escapes
  4. room without a roof
  5. doorway less than 36″ high
  6. garbage room
  7. door sealed shut

This list was based in part on the list found in ‘The World of Tefillin & Mezuzos’ by Rabbi Zeev Rothschild

Special situtations:

If one is renting a motel room by the month they should put a mezuzah up. This was told to me by Reb Avraham Tzvi Wosner, Posek for the Vaad Mishmeres STaM.

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