Whats’ Wrong With Cheap Tefillin Battim? 1


One of the challenges facing the consumer looking to purchase quality tefillin at a reasonable price is that an uncaring battim manufacturer can hide inferior work under an appealing paint job. A little extra effort during the painting, and all the flaws disappear from view. In the bayis pictured above you can see how the pieces were barely glued together. In reality these battim are really paper thin. Halachicly speaking, they are nothing more than peshutos. It is far more sensible to spend a small amount more money in order to buy quality battim that have hashgachah from the beginning of production until the end of painting.

Notice the crack on the furthest right compartment, and the chunk missing on the bottom section on the left. If the crack goes all the way through, the battim are posel. It is almost impossible to tell for sure. The chunk on the battim could be filled in with a piece of leather, but until now it was filled in with plaster. None of this was visible until the paint was removed.

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