About Us

Premium quality. 100% kosher.

Mezuza Depot is an online judaica store, based in Monsey, NY, specializing in safrus, which stocks only the best new and used items, meticulously checked by our certified and experienced Sofer STaM, Rabbi Melech Michaels, to ensure its kashrus.

From Prestige bags, to mezuzahs, tefillin and more, if you need judaica for you, your home or a gift, you’ve come to the right place

Why You’ll Love Our Store

  • 100% kosher — If it’s not perfectly kosher, we won’t list it, let alone sell it. For example, we computer scan all our mezuzah klafim and teffilin, and our experienced Sofer STaM also evaluates their writing and meticulously reviews them to ensure their kashrus before we consider listing them
  • Highest quality — Other Judaica stores sell mezuzah klafim written on paper or thin talleisim made from acrylic and polyester fibers that just don’t last. Everything we stock is of the very highest quality. For example, every mezuzah klaf we stock has been inscribed on premium parchment, and our talleisim are woven from 100% pure wool
  • Great variety — We’ve carefully curated a collection of mezuzah cases, talleisim and Prestige Embroidery bags in an array of colors and styles, so there’s something for every taste. From handsome leather tefilin bags, to hand-carved stone mezuzah cases, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs no matter how unique they are

Our Services

In addition to bringing you the finest new tefillin and mezuzos, and their accessories, we also offer vital services to help you maintain them

Mezuzah checking and house calls — What was once kosher will not remain kosher forever, so it’s vital to have your mezuzah klafim inspected regularly.  (According to halacha, mezuzos should be inspected twice every 3.5 years.) Our certified Sofer STaM, Rabbi Michaels, is the man for the job. He’ll carefully examine your mezuzah klafim in his state-of-the-art workshop or visit your home if needed, zeroing in on anything that could invalidate your klafim, so you can rest easy knowing you’re fulfilling  the mitzvah of mezuzah properly. 

Tefillin checking and repairs — Rabbi Michaels can also verify whether your tefillin are kosher. And if he detects any issues, that are feasible to repair, he’s qualified to fix them until they’re kosher once again and look as good as new.

Goals can be long-term, intermediate, or short-term. The primary difference is the time required to achieve them.

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