Super customizable high quality talleisim from Israel’s top manufactures for the discerning shopper.

Are you looking for a tallis made just for you, with the highest quality materials? Are you looking for the highest quality tzitzit strings tied according to your specifications? We have a true tallis and tzitzit expert on hand to help you with all custom tying options, including many techeiles options.

Is your tallis getting a little worn? Does your shabbos tallis look like a weekday tallis, and has your weekday tallis started to show some coffee stains (or other unidentifiable colors)? Maybe it’s time to invest in a second tallis for weekday use or perhaps its time for your shabbos tallis to become a weekday tallis and you’ll upgrade to a new top of the line tallis. Are you looking for an engagement gift for your soon-to-be son-in-law, or for your chosson or for a bar mitzvah? Whether you call them tallitot, talleisim, tallism, taleth or telayoth, we’ve got a high-quality tallis from Israel that will suit your needs perfectly.

Every talis we carry is made with love and care from 100% pure wool. Our thicker full weight talleisim are luxurious enough for Shabbas and yom tov  and fully appropriate for weekdays as well. We also offer lightweight and ultra-lightweight options for warmer weather. All our talleisim are made with durability in mind so they’ll last for years to come.

Every tallis in our collection is crafted using a special weaving technique that ensures the tallis is soft and comfortable to wear. Our Tallis Hamefoar is made with a textured finish that prevents it from slipping off your shoulders. We recommend choosing the optional cotton lining both for your comfort and to help keep the tallis clean for years to come. We offer several different styles of taleisim, something for every family custom and minhag.

Why you’ll love our Talleisim:

  • Made from the highest quality pure wool, so they’re luxurious and elegant enough for holidays and Shabbat, as well as durable enough to last through years of weekday use (both of which make our talleisim a great investment for personal use as well as a fantastic gift)
  • Lined with cotton to keep you comfortable, even in hot weather
  • Available in a variety of weights from ultra-light through to the heavier ‘standard’, so you can stock your wardrobe with a winter and summer tallis, and have a less bulky option on hand if you travel regularly
  • Woven using a special technique that prevents slipping, so your tallis will stay in place as long as you need it to

Good to know

You’ll find clear sizing charts throughout our shop to help you choose the perfect tallit based on your height (or that of your son-in-law).

Pro tip

If you need a set of techeiles strings to use with your tallis, add a set of our thick avodas yad strings to your cart. You can choose strings knotted according to Rambam, Raavad, Tosafos Rav Schecter, or Tosafos.

So, if you’re looking for a handsome, durable tallis for yourself or for giving as a gift, our premium woolen talleisim come in several weights to match your needs and are made with a weaving technique that ensures they’re soft and comfortable to wear. All are durable enough for weekday wear while being luxurious enough for Shabbas. Browse our selection of premium talleisim to find the perfect style and weight for your needs.

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