Mezuzah Checking & Mezuzah House Calls

I take the mezuzos down in  order and I put them on the table in the same order, so I can always return them to their original location.

I specialize in Mezuzah House Calls: Mezuzah checking in your home or office. If you are like many of my customers you don’t have time in the morning to take down your mezuzos, label them, bring them to a sofer, get to work on time, pick them up at the end of the day, return home, and get them back up correctly! Or maybe even if you do have time, for whatever reason you keep putting it off. That’s where I come in:

  1. I will carefully remove all of your mezuzos, three or four at a time.
  2. I will check (in your home) and repair your mezuzos, as well as alert you to problems.
  3. I can do computer scanning upon request. Extra fees apply.
  4. Mezuzos are attached with screws which are neater and more secure than nails.
  5. Outdoor mezuzos will be waterproofed.
  6. Bedroom mezuzos are wrapped according to halachah.
  7. I check that mezuzos are in all required places.
  8. Problematic doorways will be photographed and brought to a Rav.
  9. Each mezuzah will be down for a short time only.
  10. I carry a full selection of tefillin, mezuzos, and cases in various price ranges.
  11. Rabbinical references and references from customers in your area are available.
  12. I check, fix, and sell new tefillin.
  13. If you prefer, you can bring or send your mezuzos to my office.

Mezuzah Checking Prices for 2020

Regular mezuzah checking in my office (mezuzos that you bring to me) $10.00 per mezuzah, no minimum.

Mezuzah House Calls:

Rockland County, NY: $18.00 per mezuzah. $100 minimum

Manhattan: $22.00 per mezuzah. Minimum fee $200 plus tolls and parking.

Bergen County, NJ: $20.00 per mezuzah. Minimum fee $200

Passaic, NJ: $20 per mezuzah. Minimum fee $200

Westchester County, NY: $206.00 per mezuzah. minimum fee  $200

Factories and Plants, NY and NJ: Up to $22 per mezuzah depending on conditions. See my post on mezuzah checking in factories and plants.

Brooklyn and Queens: No service available but I can give you the name of a qualified sofer who will do onsite work. Email me for information.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about Mezuzos and Mezuzos house calls.

Industrial Applications:

When you need your mezuzos to be protected because they will be in a commercial area metal mezuzah cases are ideal. Since standard metal cases do not have holes large enough for screws that will go into metal door frames, I enlarge the holes with a drill press and use a heavy duty self drilling screw. The metal case will not crack and break, and the screws will hold the case very securely on the door frame. This solution is not recommended for very moist areas.

Metal mezuzah case on the left withstandard screw holes, right with enlarged screw holes for self drilling screws to be used on heavy steel door frames
Metal mezuzah case on the left with standard screw holes, right with enlarged screw holes for self drilling screws to be used on heavy steel door frames
IMG_0830 Metal Mezuzah case with self drilling screws
Metal mezuzah case with self drilling screws.
Heat impulse sealer is used to waterproof mezuzos.
Rabbi Michaels at work waterproofing a mezuzah with a heat impulse sealer.
Waterproofed mezuzah, heat impulse sealed to keep out all moisture.
Waterproofed mezuzah, heat impulse sealed to keep out all moisture.
Waterproof mezuzah case
This waterproof case works well when combined with a heat sealed mezuzah.

mezuza-house-callRabbi Michaels knows the halachos of where you need mezuzos and he makes sure you have them in all the required places!

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