Beautiful Mezuzah cases to mount and protect your mezuzah scroll

Are you looking for an affordable or premium mezuzah case for your home or a gift? We stock both, and everything in between, right here in our mezuzah shop.

Our basic plastic and lucite cases are great for dry indoor areas. For anywhere outdoors or likely to be moist, there’s our basic waterproof mezuzah cases.  For outdoor areas, there’s our basic waterproof mezuzah cases. For something a little more decorative, see our gorgeous painted aluminum series, or there’s the sophisticated chrome mezuzah case series. For exposed outdoor use, we recommend these stylish and durable sandblasted aluminum cases. Or if you’re looking for something truly luxurious, you can’t look past our hand-carved stone mezuzah cases, which are made from 100% pure jade, sodalite, or fluorite.

Now, we know there are many beautiful options in our store, so if you need any help choosing the perfect mezuzah case for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through the options to ensure you walk away with exactly what you need.

Why you’ll love our mezuza cases

  • Prices range from a very affordable $2 up to $70 for luxury options
  • An array of colors, materials and styles means there’s something for every décor
  • We stock several mezuzah cases that feature a clear panel so you can see the scroll if that’s your preference 
  • We also stock a raft of mezuzah cases that will fit and aesthetically improve any décor 

If you’re looking for a beautiful mezuzah case for yourself or a gift, we stock mezuzah cases in a variety of materials for every décor and budget. Buy yours now for as little as $2.

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