I was shopping for Shabbos this morning and one of my customers came up to me and said to me, “Rabbi Michaels, when my son came home from your office he was literally dancing from excitement over owning a pair of tefillin for the first time. He was singing, ‘I’ve got tefillin, I’ve got tefillin…’ I never thought that he would feel so strongly about his tefillin.”

Hi Rabbi. I receive the package. The tefillin are beautiful. The retzuot feel soft and I like that they are black on both sides so I don’t have to worry about flipping them all the time. I like the rubber cover of the shel yad. The shel rosh fits me an I don’t think I need to adjust it. It’s good to be wearing kosher mehudar tefillin! Shabbat shalom.

Dr. Ron E. California

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