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As I was leaving for shul on Friday night I saw that my four year old son Yaakov Yisroel had only a light jacket on. Thinking he would be cold, I asked my wife where his coat was, but she told me that he was dressed warm enough as he was. Sure enough, by the time we had arrived at shul, he had become cold (by the way, we see from this that sometimes fathers are competent). Since my fifth-grader, Mattisyahu Chaim was with me, I asked him if he would mind walking home and gettings Yaakov Yisroel’s jacket. As usual, Mattis was agreeable. After he left, I turned to Yaakov and said, See what a good brother you have?”  Yaakov looked up at me and said with absoulte sincerity, “I know, Mattis is my friend and I’m his friend…and it was always that way.”

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