Halacha Introduction

‘בעזרת ה This new halacha section of my website should see הצלחה רבה. My goal is to provide a forum to train Rabbis and people who are interested in becoming soferim, or even people who are interested in this חלק of the torah. I will be learning these halachos by focusing on actual שאילות that I encounter. We will look at the sources that discuss the issue in question. I will photograph each shaila so we can spend the time learning the halacha instead of trying to understand what the shaila looks like. I will be dividing this up into various sections. The first section is on סימן ל”ב and other place in the Shulchan Aruch that relate to safrus. The second second will have to do with battim and the third section will have to do with hilchos mezuzah, in particular, where we must put mezuzos, and on which side of the door.


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