Tefillin, Mezuzah, Sefer Torah, & Megillah Sales, Checking, Repair By Melech Michaels, Sofer Stam. Mezuzah Housecalls in Rockland & North Jersey.

Welcome to Mezuzadepot.com! of Monsey, NY.

My name is Rabbi Melech Michaels and I am a Certified Sofer STaM (sefer torah, tefillin, and mezuzos). That means it’s my responsibility is to make sure that your tefillin and mezuzos are 100% kosher so you can be absolutely sure that you are fulfilling the mitzvos of tefillin and mezuzos properly. tefillin israelI check and repair tefillin and mezuzos as well as sell new tefillin, mezuzos, megillos, and sifrei torah. Having worked as a sofer for over twenty years and having checked over 100,000 mezuzos, I have the experience to help you with all of your tefillin and mezuzah needs.

My specialty is working with busy people in Rockland County, New York, Westchester County, New York, and Bergen County, New Jersey. If you are like many of my customers, you want your tefillin and mezuzos to be in top condition but you don’t have the time to take care of it yourself. Over the years I have perfected the Mezuzah House Call in order meet your needs.

Tefillin Checking and Repair: Full range of checking and repair services available, including refinishing your old tefillin to look new. Loaner Tefillin Available so you won’t be inconvenienced while I am working on your tefillin.

New Tefillin and New Mezuzos: Purchasing new tefillin and mezuzos can be confusing. There are various styles of writing, and a wide range of prices. You need someone with whom you can discuss your goals; someone who can help you put together the perfect package for your needs, and your budget. Used Tefillin and Used Mezuzos are also available. I believe that tefillin and mezuzos are more than an ‘add to cart’ item. That is why I make myself available to speak to you directly. Shipping is available for new tefillin and mezuzos and for checking and repair work. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full Refund.

Please look through my website, and feel free to Contact Me with any questions or concerns you may have. I’m looking forward to developing a personal relationship with you in regard to all your safrus needs.

Thank You,
Rabbi Melech Michaels

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