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The letter in the middle of the picture is supposed to be a kuf, but is it? Cover up the leg and it appears to be a lamed. The tag on the top left was clearly made too big and it is brought down in halacha that one should be careful not to make the tag too big in order to avoid this problem. So what did I do when I found this problem? Although I could have asked a tinok (child who knows the letters but doesn’t know how to read), I decided to bring it to Rav Wosner first. There is always a risk when a child is asked. In a case like this where it looked pretty likely that a child would read this as a lamed, I wanted to see if I could get a p’sak (halachic decision by a qualified rabbi) that it was kosher without asking the child. Rav Wosner poskened that I didn’t need to ask a child because the tag was written much lighter than the rest of the writing. In the above picture the tag looks darker than it really was. In any case, I scrapped away most of the tag so that this question shouldn’t surface again in the future if somebody else is checking the tefillin.

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