Kosher Tefillin on eBay For $111. Really? 2


  1. If you go into ebay and pull up the seller’s store it’s even more worrying. “Hand written Judaica scrolls” – look like pasul mezuzot/parshiot – mezuzot for $16-17, “NEW SEFER TORAH Scroll, Holy Bible Book” for $99.99 (at least one of the close-ups makes it clear that it is a printed, vocalized, scroll format chumash and the description (further down) mentions paper) from a guy that deals with coins, stamps etc..

  2. Although the case you cite looks really bad, trying to make a quick buck selling sub-standard tefillin is nothing new: the Lavush (quoted in the Mishnah Berurah) talks about sofrim who would train young men from poor families and would use the tefillin parshiyos they wrote (even telling people the sofer wrote it himself) although they invariably were not written with the proper intention.

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