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Complete Tefillin Set: Kesher Series

At the introductory level is the Kesher series which are straightforward tefillin sets consisting of Tefillin Mehudaros or Muzikant Battim (depending on availabilty, Ozer Yisroel Retzuos, and containing parshios written by Rabbi Chaim Levison or other available parshios of a comparable level . Kesher tefillin sets are well made and should last for many years with proper care.


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The Kesher Series are my most economical  sets expensive tefillin. While you will easily be able to find tefillin on line for much lower prices, I assure you that I have been studying cheap tefillin sets for years and have discovered that they usually have numerous flaws in quality and problematic issues in halachah. The Kesher Series tefillin are made to last and they properly adhere to halachah. They are the least expensive tefillin that I am comfortable offering. The battim are strong, nicely finished, and made according to halachah. The parshios are written in a neat and organized way  with easily recognizable lettering, with taggim and good spacing. None of the letters look broken, and no two letters look like they are touching. It goes without saying that none of them are actually broken or touching as this would render the tefillin posel.

This set includes tefillin parshios, battim, retzuous, and plastic boxes.

Tefillin battim are between 33 mm and 35 mm.

Retzuous are 15 mm wide.

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