Used Sefer Torah

We all know how important it is to have a kosher Sefer Torah for all Torah readings. But not every organization can afford to buy a brand new one. And even if you can, those funds may be desperately needed to fulfil some of your other functions. The solution, of course, is to buy a pre-owned Sefer Torah — provided you can be sure it really is kosher, and that your bal Korei won’t be sending you to the sofer for repairs every week.  That’s why we’re very pleased to be able to list this beautiful Torah for sale.

While other merchants offer a ‘one-year warranty’ to cover you in the event you discover an error in your Torah scroll that they missed, we guarantee there are no errors.

We’re very happy to assure you that this secondhand Sefer Torah is indeed 100% kosher. Our highly experienced and certified Sofer STaM, Rabbi Melech Micheals, has computer scanned the text to ensure all the panels are sewn in the correct order and that there are no misspellings or missing letters. He’s also manually scrutinized the text and can confirm that none of the letters are cracked or faded. In fact, this kosher Torah features crisp, dark text and Rabbi Micheals said “this is the best used Sefer Torah I’ve ever seen”, which is high praise given how long he’s been checking Sifrei Torah.

The parchment is in excellent condition, so you won’t find yourself seeking regular repairs. There are a few minor marks and areas where the parchment is a rumpled or wrinkled, but none of these invalidate the Torah or make it difficult to read. We encourage you to view the photos on this page to see the marks for yourself.

And on the subject of quality, we’ve replaced the old rollers with brand new, dark wood rollers from Hirshkowitz Eitz Chaim Judaica. These rollers look amazing and will last a lifetime. They’re valued at $400, but they’re included in the total price for this Sefer Torah.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a Sefer Torah, you won’t find better value than this used Sefer Torah! Get in touch now to arrange an inspection.

Why you’ll love this used Sefer Torah

  • 100% kosher — the ink used to write many secondhand Sifrei Torah has cracked or faded over time, invalidating them, but every one of the 304,805 letters inscribed on this Sefer Torah has been meticulously checked to ensure there are no broken letters and that it’s still kosher (our Sofer STaM has also meticulously checked it for any production errors like misspellings or panels sewn in the wrong order)
  • Excellent condition — This Torah is in great shape, so you won’t find yourself burdened with regular repair costs
  • New rollers — these excellent quality, brand new rollers, will last a lifetime, saving you even more money
  • Low price — while a new Sefer Torah will cost $30,000 -$ 100,000 this is priced to sell at an affordable $14,500

Good to know

  • Ksav — this Sefer Torah has been written in the Ari style
  • Rollers — the klaf is wound onto new, dark wood rollers from Hirshkowitz Eitz Chaim Judaica
  • Height — the klaf is 21 inches (53 cm) tall and the entire Sefer Torah (rollers included) is 26 inches (66 cm) tall
  • Weight — this Sefer Torah scroll is quite light
  • Mantle — a mantle is not included
  • Condition — excellent quality, second-hand with no broken letters and only minor stains and wrinkles which you can review in person and via the photographs
  • Warranty — our certified Sofer STaM warrants that this Sefer Torah is 100% kosher
  • Location — after making an appointment, you can inspect this Sefer Torah at 4 Darby Road Airmont NY 10952

So, if you want to save money on a Sefer Torah without sacrificing longevity, the used Sefer Torah we are selling is in excellent condition, is 100% kosher and is available at a fraction of the cost of a new Sefer Torah. Come and inspect the best secondhand Sefer Torah we’ve ever seen to see if it meets your needs. Make an appointment now to avoid missing out on this rare deal.




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