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Guide To Installing Eitz Chaim Sets On Your Own

Pricing: Please call for quote on any set or combination that you are interested in. While I used to have a price list, it took too much time away from my work to constantly keep it updated.

This gallery of pictures displays the entire line of Hershkovitz Eitz Chaim sefer torah rollers. Each roller can be matched with any of the handles, so there are many options to create a look based on your own personal tastes. Custom memorial plates are available as well. Scroll down to view the price list.

  • 741-792341-361Hershkovitz Etz Chaim Sefer Torah Rollers are the gold standard. They are strong, long lasting, and beautiful. Almost anywhere in the Jewish world that your travels take you,  you will encounter their work. Their design represents a design based on many years of experience coupled with attention to the smallest details.
  • Repair of all other brands of Etz Chaim as well.
  • I do sefer torah sewing.
  • Attaching sefrei torah to etz chaim torah rollers.
  • Fix textual mistakes
  • I will advise you when doing work on a sefer torah is not sensible both because of the difficulty of doing the work and the excessively high costs.
  • Sometimes I will accept older used sefrei torah work on. Contact me and we will discuss the specifics of your sefer torah.




Example of layout for custom engraving on rollers.
Example of layout for custom engraving on rollers.











The right fit:

Getting a pair of Eitz Chaim with the optimal fit is an important part of any Eitz Chaim project. Pictured below is a sefer torah mounted on an Eitz Chaim that was too tight. The shul members always had the feeling that they were damaging their sefer torah as they rolled it. By adding a few centimeters to the length of the poles on the new set of Eitz Chaim we were able to solve this problem.

The bottom of the sefer torah is getting damaged.
The bottom of the sefer torah is getting damaged.
Now there is more room.


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