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The Siyum Sefer Torah is the culmination of a great deal of effort. It can take even a full year to complete the writing of a sefer torah. At the end of that process, much work remains before the sefer torah will be ready for use. The pictures below show some of the  steps that precede the actual siyum, as well as what comes after the siyum. These are  the final stages of the completion of a torah scroll.

Filling in letters at the Syium Sefer Torah.
Sefer torah rollers allow me to go from one end of the sefer torah to the other very quickly. This is important when installing the Eitz Chaim.
Click to zoom and you will see that the sofer has to fix up the last few lines after the Siyum, since typically close friends and family of the person dedicating the sefer torah will fill in the last four lines of writing. The letters in these last four lines are only outlined, and the participants fill them in. Often they go out of the lines, and corrections are necessary.
One sefer torah on the eitz chaim, and another set of eitz chaim waiting for the sefer torah.
Cloth wrapped around the end of the eitz chaim so that they are protected during the installation of the sefer torah.
A dowel is inserted into one end of the sefer torah before the eitz chaim is installed.



Scanning the sefer torah so it can be registered by the Vaad Mishmereth Stam’s Sefer Torah Id program.


Fixing mistakes from the siyum.
Careful work is required to make the end of the sefer torah look nice.
Intense concentration is required.
The sofer has to know when it is permissible to use a knife. If an actual letter is formed by carving out ink with a knife, the sefer torah is possel.


Using my small magnifying glass. You can see my larger one as well, but the smaller one is better when you need to get the glass close to the knife.
The results of several hours of careful repair. Click to zoom in. Can you tell the difference?

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