Travel Tefillin Set:

Tiny Travel Tefillin, Lightweight Tallis, Leather Tallis and Tefillin Bag, and mirror $2600. The tefillin by themselves is $2100
Soferim call this type of parshios pitzponim. They are small and very hard to write. Before you want them too much I must inform you that they are expensive. Most soferim are not able to write this small. It is nerve wracking and almost impossible to fix mistakes. For this reason, they are more expensive than regular size parshios of equivalent quality. In addition, I will only buy higher quality parshios of this type because I need parshios that I can count on to not needing  fixing from me before I put them in the battim. It is normal (and required in halacha) for the sofer who sells the parshios to check the parshios before putting them into the battim. It is routine to make slight corrections to the parshios as permitted by the halacha. However in parshios so small there is a risk of damaging or ruining them in the process of trying to improve them. I don’t want it to sound like buying these parshios is risky, and that your set won’t last for a long time, just that as a sofer, I need to minimize risk, and anytime I fix something that has to do with the writing I am taking a risk. Do this mean that down the line if something needs to be fixed that it can’t be done? No, it just means that if I don’t need to do it I’d rather not.

This is the ultimate gift for the Jewish business traveler! This tiny set of Gassos Tefillin is very high quality. The tallis is a  Keter Judaica Feather Light Edition tallis with the tallis bag, the whole set will fit in a bag about 10 inches by 12 inches. If you order the complete set, the tallis and tefillin bags will be made by Prestige Embroidery. They make very high quality bags at a reasonable price. The bag in the picture below is a Holycow Bag. They are currently only undertaking custom orders right now so I am not including the bag pictured below. The set is small enough to fit in a carry-on so you won’t ever have to check your tefillin in. When you see how much smaller this is than a regular size set you will be amazed! This is as compact as it it possible to make and still have top quality. The parshios are very high quality and I hope to post a picture soon. This set even comes with a siddur, a mirror, and a kosher tefillin blackening marker, so when you are ready to travel, you’ll know that when you grab this bag, you will have everything you need for dovening. The total price for this set which includes travel tefillin, lightweight tallis, and tefillin bags is $2800. Add $700 for top of the line tiny ketores hand written on klaf or $2000 for a very small megillah that will fit into the bag (price for megillah is estimated as prices vary from year to year and in particular with a speciality item like this).



Travel Tefillin Parshios, very small very high quality
Pitzpon tefillin parshios. Small, high quality. Rabbi Miller. T.



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